The most interesting aliens in science fiction

So this little feature originally started with the title “The Most OP Aliens in Sci-Fi”, but as any sci-fi lover (aka nerd) would tell you, the sheer number of retcons and of deadlines makes it almost impossible to find the strongest . To that end, we’ve decided to take the easy route and tell you a bit about the most interesting aliens in pop culture. We decided to choose an alien from the main franchises and the criterion to make it on the list is uniqueness.

1. Reapers (Mass Effect franchise)

The main villain of the Mass Effect franchise, the one who threatened the continued existence of every species of spacecraft in the galaxy in the first game, then participated in an all-out assault on the citizens in the third game. ‘akin to a force of nature, appearing every 50,000 years to rid the galaxy of all species that have begun to use mass relays for interstellar travel. Their primary goal, however, is not mass genocide, although it appears to be. Although their methods are twisted, the Reaper programming simply wants to preserve organic life, but since this is artificial intelligence itself, its preservation code concluded that all species would eventually develop an AI that would overthrow and would exterminate its masters and continue to rid the universe of everything. organic life too. Thus began an endless cycle of them appearing every 50,000 years to rid the galaxy of sufficiently advanced species before they could create a genocidal AI (ironically, much like the Reapers themselves).

2. Mogo (DC)

It is undeniable that there is a group of extraterrestrials that have been born from the imaginations of science fiction writers all over the world. Strange abilities, body shapes, varying degrees of technology, and intentions. Most of them have one thing in common though. They come either from a planet or from a planetary object. But, here we have an alien who is a planet itself. Oh yes, you read that right. A living, breathing (well, maybe not breathing), sensitive planet. Not to be confused with a planet that supports life, which Mogo also does. And, if a sentient planet wasn’t unique enough for you, Mogo is also a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Being a planet and having the energy of the same, Mogo is one of the most powerful Green Lanterns with immense range and intelligence. He is also responsible for inducting new Green Lantern members as he can sense beings with strong wills and can direct the rings of perished Green Lanterns towards said beings.

3. Engineers (Alien Franchise)

These aliens are on the list here because within the franchise, they are responsible for the existence of humanity. Engineers are an ancient race of super-advanced beings who have been around for at least hundreds of millions of years, if not billions. They possess superior technology as you would expect, and roam the planets with their DNA to speed up the evolutionary process that results in the creation of races in their image. They are said to have visited Earth many times, which we know from ancient cave paintings of tall beings pointing at a set of stars in the night sky. At some point they also planned to exterminate mankind for unknown reasons, but on their way to Earth the pathogen they were to use to kill mankind accidentally escaped on their ship , killing most of the genocidal crew instead. That’s all we know of the engineers other than their appearance which is pale with black eyes and a stature of 9-12 feet.

4. Abeloth (Star Wars)

As a behemoth of a franchise set long ago in a galaxy far, far away and with nearly countless aliens on its vast lore, it was hard to find an alien that would be unique enough. Among all, there are a few that stand out. But first, one of the major themes of the Star Wars franchise is the all-powerful, all-encompassing force. This brings us neatly to the Ones, who are literally embodiments of force. One represents the dark side, the other represents balance, and the other represents light. So you could say that the Ones are probably the most powerful beings in the galaxy. Law? Well no! Abeloth is an entity that literally puts the fear of God into the Ones and it took the three Ones and the power of the Killik hives to imprison him. Yeah, Abeloth, forced the force! Even after being imprisoned, Abeloth manages to escape from time to time and the Dark and Light side of Ones must lock her up again!

5. Weeping Angels (Doctor Who)

Another mega-franchise with a ton of interesting aliens to choose from. We have cultural icons like the Cybermen, Daleks, The Silence and Timelords to boot. But as terrifying and unique as they are, there is one alien that surpasses them all in concept, powers, and fear factor. And that’s the Weeping Angles race. As benign and harmless as they may appear at first glance (as they appear to be innocent angel statues), it is when they are not looked at that their true nature is revealed. These unique creatures are said to be quantum locked. Which, according to Doctor Who, is that they simply don’t exist as life forms when observed. But when unsupervised, they are free to roam. And move fast, they will! Oh, and they won’t just kill you if they catch you. No no no, that would be too easy. One of their abilities is to touch their victims to move them in time to a point before the victim’s birth, which in turn allows them to feed on the “potential energy” created due to the temporal paradox created.

6. Zeno (Dragon Ball franchise)

This small entity is currently the Supreme Ruler of the Dragon Ball Multiverse. We say “currently” because Dragon Ball tends to introduce new characters that simply overshadow others in power. Currently, however, Zeno is all-powerful and can simply obliterate entire universes with a wave. We don’t know much about the character yet, but what we do know is that he has a childish appearance and demeanor and is said to have erased six of the original 18 universes (and one divergent timeline) even before the Universal Survival Arc from Dragon Ball Super. We have no idea if Zeno is good at melee combat, you know, the kind we’re used to when it comes to Dragon Ball, but we doubt the raw power to just obliterate someone, powerful as it is, needs a lot in the fighting department. Zeno is also quite indifferent to the lives of people in the universes he created, which makes him terrifying even to the gods of all universes.

7. Q (Star Trek franchise)

A franchise with no shortage of interesting aliens, Star Trek as a whole has some of the most iconic aliens. From the evergreen, green-blooded Spock to the Ferengi so close to home, Star Trek has a fascinating way of presenting stories set in the future with aliens that are just as relevant and relevant today. Oh and Star Trek also has some of the more interesting aliens like the Borg and silicon-based lifeforms, but by far the most interesting has to be Q. Appearing in the first episode of The Next Generation, Q appears with an almost infinite and divine power. The rules of the universe, the laws of physics, and reality itself are mere playthings for Q. In later episodes, he even displays the ability to travel at any time. Q is also immortal and omnipotent with nothing in the universe capable of killing him except for other Q weapons which are later explored in episodes revolving around the war between Q.

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