‘The Hidden Hindu’ is an amalgamation of mythology and science fiction: Akshat Gupta

Interview with Mr. Akshat Gupta, author of the forthcoming book ‘The Hidden Hindu’. Mr. Gupta reveals some interesting facts about his upcoming book and talks at length about mythology as a genre.

Q- As we all know that your next book “The Hidden Hindu” is about to be launched, tell us about this book, what is it about and what can a reader in it find again?

A – “The Hidden Hindu” is the story of a mysterious Aghori, Om Shastri, who is brought to a remote island to be interrogated by a team of 7 experts. The Aghori is Narco-tested and hypnotized. In this state, he reveals many incredible secrets as he witnessed the 4 yugas of Satyuga in Kalyuga. He stopped aging around the age of 40. He searches for the immortals mentioned in the Hindu scriptures.

The story is about Hindu mythology beautifully fused with science fiction. It’s a shame it’s called myth and mythology because I truly believe they form the foundation of our existence.

Q- As you mentioned in your biography, you weren’t an avid reader as a child and didn’t really have a background in writing. You were a third generation hotelier, so keep that in mind, how did you decide to write mythological fiction, what inspired you to write specifically in that genre?

A – I haven’t been a reader since my childhood. But even as a child, I loved to write. I used to write stories and poems that my friends and family found good, but I still never thought I would take it as a profession.

Speaking of mythology as a genre, I’ve always wondered about the existence of the 7 immortals. If they are real, where are they now? Are they wearing the same clothes as us? Will we know if we have ever encountered one, etc.? I’m very intrigued by the very thought of immortality. And so this story.

I promise my readers that this book will turn the pages until the last paragraph of the last book.

Q- Tell us a bit about the character of Om Shastri, how an Aghori ends up being interrogated by experts, what events led him to the interrogation.

A – During interrogation, Om Shastri claims to have met Lord Rama during Ramayana and Lord Krishna during Mahabharata.

To find out what events led up to the interrogation, you will need to read the book.

He has something in his possession that could change the course of the future and alter the events of our history. The story takes place in our present, is told in the future and will take you on a roller coaster ride to the past.

Q- As we have discussed mythology and we all agree that mythology whether Indian or any other region has influenced the way people have shaped their culture and traditions, how do you think Do you think Indian mythology has an impact on its society and what factors do you see in our current times that have intrinsic value to our rich mythological genre?

A – Our nation is full of love and devotion. Hindu mythology or should I say our rich history has shaped our present very beautifully. We are taught that a guru should be praised first, then the god. He who teaches and shares his knowledge is greater than God himself.

The values ​​that we Indians have, our traditions, our acceptance and love for our fellow human beings speaks volumes about our Hindu culture and history. I am proud to be an Indian.

Q- Mythological fiction has existed for a long time in our history and authors of the present time are exploring this field and experiencing success. Assuming you are an upcoming expert in this field, what other book would you recommend for people to begin their exploration into the realm of the mythological fiction genre.

A – There are many amazing books on mythological fiction. I won’t be able to single out anyone or two. Great Indian authors like Kavita Kane, Anand Neelkanthan, Kevin Missal, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Vivek Kumar and many more have taken characters from mythology and told the stories beautifully and from a different point of view. The reader must decide to depend on their choice of character / tale.

Q- This book is the first part of the trilogy that is going to launch, and if I’m not mistaken, you have finished the rest of the parts of the book, tell us how was your journey as a writer, what happened you learn and what impact did they have on you. It would be great if you could convey a message to readers about your learnings and inspire them as well.

A – From the seed of thought to self-publishing first and finally with Penguin Publications, it has certainly been a long journey. Yes, this is the first part and I am happy to tell you that the second and third parts have been completed and will be released soon. My journey with ‘The Hidden Hindu’ has been very exhilarating and exhausting at the same time.

My message to readers is this: hard work, patience and perseverance never fail. Things are definitely falling in the right place at the right time.

Q- This will be my last question, as it is not a hidden fact that the visual rights of this movie have been acquired by Dhoni Entertainment Pvt.Ltd for the screen adaptation, how excited are you to see the vision of your book represented on screen and what expectations do you have from this project?

A – The Hidden Hindu made me the very first Indian author to give visual rights to a trilogy before the book was launched and released. All thanks to Dhoni Entertainment. I have complete faith in the team at Dhoni Entertainment and the belief they have shown towards my imagination is very inspiring for a new writer. We share the same wavelengths and I’m sure they will bring it out beautifully and very close to my visualization and imagination.

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