The Earma think tank will offer support on open science

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Earma 2022: The European Association of Research Managers and Administrators collected ideas at the annual conference

The European Association of Research Managers and Administrators plans to launch a group to offer open science assistance to universities, and discussed the idea at its annual conference in Oslo today.

Open science is when research processes and results are openly shared for scrutiny and reuse. Research funding and performing organizations are increasingly requiring researchers to work openly, including publishing research articles in open access.

Representatives of Earma and other people working with the association had a discussion with research managers present at the May 5 conference to identify what their needs might be vis-à-vis such a group and to have an idea of ​​their perspective on open science.

“The open science group Earma isn’t 100% launched yet, but we’re planning for it and it was good to get some feedback here on what people would like to see from it. That’s why we wanted to have this session, to get a sense of what people need,” said research policy expert Daniel Spichtinger, who previously worked on open science at the European Commission and assisted Earma in preparatory discussions.

Asked by Research Professional News what he learned from the discussions, Spichtinger said: “There were very different levels of knowledge among the participants and different approaches. I thought people would approach it pretty closely to what they need to do in the Horizon [Europe] grant, but in fact there were issues that went deeper than that.

Spichtinger said the comments included that the group should consider issues such as evaluating researchers, and that current thinking about what the group could do included providing a toolkit and identifying best practices. .

Earma will share a summary of its findings from the talks via its website, Spichtinger said. Earma’s board will decide whether the group should be created, and the group’s success will depend in part on how many people use it, he added.

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