Spider-Man Star’s New Sci-Fi Show Reveals First Look

Spider Man and Justice League actor JK Simmons has teamed up with stone castle star Sissy Spacek for a new sci-fi series.

night sky features the two veteran actors as a couple who many years ago discovered a strange chamber that seems to lead to another planet or dimension. They encounter a mysterious person as they cross and wonder if they’re an alien or something, but it seems their fantastical escapades have caught the attention of some people whose attention they probably don’t want.

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Although there is a sense of mystery and menace, it also feels like night sky reflects on humanity’s place in the universe and feels satisfied with what you have or haven’t accomplished in your life.

JK Simmons’ Franklin telling Sissy Spacek’s Irene that he’s happy as long as he’s with her is really, really heartwarming.

Meanwhile, Simmons’ portrayal of J Jonah Jameson in the Sam Raimi Spider Man The trilogy was so iconic that he was brought back as another version of the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he was recently confirmed to be doing the same again for DC, reprising the role of Commissioner Gordon in the next bat girl film, even if it is not necessarily in the same continuity.

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Speaking about how this Gordon differs from the previous one, Simmons said: “What I liked about it [Batgirl] the movie was from Jim Gordon’s point of view it’s really more of a story about him as a guy and as a father and not just the guy who turns on the Bat Signal and tries to keep the citizens of Gotham safe – although that is obviously also part of the story.

“But it was a chance to delve into a different side of the character.”

night sky drops on Amazon Prime Video on May 20.

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