Science fiction in a dream

Passionate about science fiction since his adolescence, Bernard Schlag likes to confront reality and fantasy through imagined or real scientific discoveries. A way of approaching human society and what it could become.

Bernard Schlag is not one of the rare humans to see tardigrades. Measuring less than half a millimeter, the tiny animal is invisible to the naked eye. His atypical body like a microscopic “water bear”, recently highlighted on pages 7 (n°558), caught the attention of the Châtelleraudais, who immediately remembered that he had met him in an episode of… StarTrek. It must be said that Bernard Schlag, who baptized his cat “Out of Nowhere” Spock, named after the Doctor of the American series, fell very young into the fable of science fiction. “But the good one! “,” Clarifies immediately. Books, series, films… find out “Anything related to time travel and artificial intelligence…”.Imagination, too little for him. Same for superheroes. “In science fiction, there is science and fiction: authors adapt science to a fiction that has a chance of happening.

The first Suwayda novel that caught the attention of Bernard Chalg was written by Maurice Vauthier, Planet Kalgar And “The story of a planet revolving around the sun in the opposite direction to the earth, He remembers nationality. I was also a teenager when I found myself bedridden with the flu. I had then read in the episode Tintin or Pilote of Blake and Mortimer where Mortimer, riding a Chronoscaphe, was frozen in time… that impressed me. »

What does the sixth say about man?

At the same time, Son of the Legion got into big battles, unexplained facts, and then Star Wars came out, “West Hungarian”As Bernard Schlag defines it… the enthusiast is always on the lookout, watches the shelves of bookstores to unearth the latest novelties from Pierre Bordage and his comrades, and sometimes unearths a few works In the book box installed in the Parc du Verger Even though he has “Feels like you’ve done the trick.” “Anyway, all the great authors of the forties or fifties of the last century are dead”, He laments.

The latest move, from Drum to Châtelareault in 2018, took over some of his library, but the avid SF reader, admired by Bowler hat and leather ankle bootsTo like Doctor ofkeep some Isaac Asimov or even robocallipsOne of his favorite books. “Man created artificial intelligence. But every creature finds itself against its creator. The AI ​​understood that to save the planet, it had to eliminate the human race, “warns the back cover of the novel by Danielle H. Wilson.

With thirty years of experience in the gendarmerie, Bernard Schlag likes what science fiction says about human society. Just as a community searches for ants, bees or African termites, which can inspire its development. “Science fiction for a dreamHe goes out.To dream is to imagine, to imagine is to create and to create is to bring something to humanity. »

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