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By Constance Scrafield

Like a prayer in the universe, a group of scientists are forging a path to the far reaches of our galaxy – the Milky Way – to establish a means of communication with other life forms in the afterlife. A supposedly “friendly” greeting.

Their message is scripted in scientific terms of formulas and physical combinations – mathematics – as the language most likely to have a chance of being understood as coming from an intelligent (urk?), advanced (please pleases) and benevolent (no). The communication is accompanied by a chapter and a verse indicating where exactly this planet of joyful, intelligent and pleasant beings is located.

Of course, since we only see others through our own standards (the fundamental problem among us), there are many equally qualified people who warn against this endeavor lest other conscious beings share our own penchant for conquest and colonization – would not. ‘t that would give a new twist to our story!

In truth, I believe that the scientists involved and who want this are more looking for rescue than anything else; it’s a message of “Is there anyone there?” Come get us out of here, for God’s sake!

Well well. We, the science fiction writers, those fantasy writers, the creators of comics, the scriptwriters of science fiction movies – not only them, but also the purveyors of mythology, those who declare the deities nowadays the oldest – we have all produced a long line of very varied imaginaries. creatures that are not of this earth. Many have been revered, feared, admired, loved. Maybe some members of this science team who are seriously reaching out are secretly hoping that God is here and will finally hear a written plea in math.

It is not necessary on this page to expose (yet) the many reasons for which one could call for help. This is surely the ultimate, the grand finale of our absolutely craziest moments. When the issues of the madness of the world’s problems seem insurmountable – but why? There are always possibilities, as Spock used to say and I also believe, but we have to see them and want them and do something about them, not just carry on as usual, as unusual, as so extreme. For scientists who scribble like mad at anyone anywhere, this is kind of a positive measure, just for mad people – very much in line with the news.

There is plenty of completely reliable evidence to confirm that we are already being watched. Strange lights and “airships” have been recorded and documented by unbiased, professional military pilots, men and women who witnessed the objects while piloting their own jets. The “alien” travelers were seen on radar and showed flight paths impossible for our own pilots and equipment to imitate.

So for many decades there hasn’t really been a question of whether there is life other than us here on earth. Who are they and how to have real and meaningful contact with them are the questions.

In other space news, the James Webb Telescope, a very big Humans-in-Space contract was launched four and a half months ago and arrived at its designated location a million miles from Earth for a series of adjustments of its 18 mirrors to be perfectly aligned. The largest telescope ever built and launched, the James Webb Telescope is a collaboration of NASA, European and Canadian scientists and experts. The making of the mirrors is actually the 18 small telescopes that make up the 6.5 meter gold mirror of the telescope, if it were to be an entire room. The cutting and making of these mirrors took time and skill which produced mirrors so thin they were at the limit of ingenuity.

The telescope could not have been launched with this full size mirror. Therefore cut into these 18 segments, they must be aligned to act as one. It ended in mid-March.

The Webb Telescope’s job is to peer into the universe where no human eye has looked before and it’s very exciting. Scientists expect to discover revelations about the history of the universe by observing stars that are millions, billions of years old, truly learning how it all began. Big Bang or not.

The desire to know what is beyond our own gravity is money much better spent that way than on spacecraft. Now is not the time to waste our energy and money sending the brave on journeys from which they will never return. All of this energy should be redirected to our home planet to cool and control madness.

Fascinated as I am by the exploration and discovery of space, I harbor a wish that the Webb Telescope would stumble upon a mystery: a darkened field in space with boundaries far beyond the scope of the telescope where, despite the finest adjustments to the 18 small gold mirrors, they cannot penetrate this cloud to truly define the hint of strange figures and lights tempting them to see better.

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