Northman Director Robert Eggers Doesn’t Completely Count Sci-Fi

Of course, no director would outright close the door on a job opportunity before it even opens, but it’s always fun to speculate. That is to say, when Robert Eggers spoke to The Wrap about his future, he didn’t rule out exploring different genres.

“I could be interested in the early 20th century. And I would be too, if I could find a way to do it that hasn’t really been done before, in a way that would be satisfying to me, but I would be also interested in science fiction. I don’t know if I could find the right thing. I don’t know if I could succeed. But I would be interested.

Leaving no stone unturned, The Wrap asked if Eggers was talking sci-fi like being set on a spaceship, to which Eggers simply teased, “only time will tell.”

Now, it’s hard to imagine Eggers making a shiny, glossy, “Star Trek” style sci-fi movie, but what about something like “Alien,” which feels distinctly old, even if it takes place in the future? I can definitely imagine Eggers doing some kind of speculative future history movie and getting really serious with it — while keeping the fart jokes. He could even place his “Nosferatu” in the 23rd century and go from there!

In keeping with the theme of experimentation, Eggers also commented that “The Northman” had a wider aspect ratio than his previous films, and whether he would go wider.

“I know it’s insane given the history of cinema, but I find close-ups can be a little anemic. I’m not particularly drawn to that. I’d be interested in making an almost vertical film, but you would need to make your own movie theatre.”

“The Northman” is in theaters.

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