Mass Effect Trilogy co-creator returns to sci-fi in new Humanoid Studio

Casey Hudson’s new Humanoid Studio is preparing a “whole new sci-fi universe”.

It’s been a while since Mass Effect Trilogy co-creator and BioWare GM Casey Hudson left his former developer behind to start something new. He started by forming Humanoid Studios and has since hired and curated new content with his team. Now, it looks like Hudson is planning to return to sci-fi. The updated website for Humanoid shares that the team is working on a new AAA IP address that will be released on multiple platforms.

The Humanoid Studios website was updated with various new details from Hudson and his team this past weekend. According to the new studio’s mission statement, it is currently working on creating “a cross-platform AAA game, featuring character-driven storytelling in an all-new sci-fi universe.” He goes on to say that Humanoid is dedicated to creating a safe and constructive environment in which interactive storytelling thrives, unbridled by the stresses of unsustainable practices and outside influences.

“We believe in the power of small, agile teams and a flat organizational structure, where everyone is empowered to make decisions and contribute to the project’s vision,” states the Our Team section of Humanoid Studios. “We hire great people, give them the best tools and a supportive environment, and give them the creative freedom to explore their full potential.”

There’s certainly reason to believe that Hudson was exhausted by the time he left BioWare. Coming out alongside Mark Darrah in December 2020, there had been a number of stories regarding management crisis, frustration and interference, particularly in regards to the development, release and work of followed on Anthem. Mark Darrah would go on to criticize BioWare’s development process in a YouTube video after its release as well, heavily criticizing the “BioWare Magic” concept.

With Hudson’s new studio now running full steam ahead, it seems the team is looking to break away from that culture while creating something new. The studio is still recruiting and we still have a lot to learn about its new sci-fi IP, but we expect news to arrive in due course. Stay tuned as we await further updates from Hudson and the rest of Humanoid Studios.

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