‘Mass Effect’ Director’s Studio Creates ‘Brand New Sci-Fi Game’

Humanoid Studios – whose CEO and founder directed the original Mass Effect trilogy – revealed some details about his first project.

The studio’s website has been updated to state that “the current project is a cross-platform AAA game, focused on [a] character-driven narrative in an all-new sci-fi universe”. The website also appears to contain some of the concept art for this upcoming project, showing what its new game might look like.

Humanoid Studios was founded by Casey Hudson, who worked at BioWare on the Mass Effect trilogy, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Anthem.

Last year, Hudson announced the creation of Humanoid Studios, saying it employs “talented developers from around the world”. Hudson left BioWare in 2020 — after returning to the studio in 2017 as chief executive — to “make way for the next generation of studio leaders.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Credit: EA/BioWare

“It’s not an easy decision to make, and big changes like this always come with some degree of sadness,” Hudson added. “I will miss being able to work every day with our inspiring developers on the biggest and most exciting projects I can imagine. But I also know that now is a good time for change, both for me and for BioWare.

Humanoid Studios is currently recruiting for a range of roles and offers “a flexible work environment that combines home, office, and remote work so developers can work where they feel happiest.”

There is currently no release date for Humanoid Studios’ first game, although BioWare has announced that it is working on a new entry in the Mass Effect franchise.

In other news, CD Projekt Red has confirmed that the upcoming Witcher The game won’t be exclusive to a single storefront, as fans suspected it might launch on the Epic Games Store only.

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