Jared Leto’s Most Absurd ‘Method of Action’ Stories, From Peeing ‘Morbius’ to Dispatching a Rat in ‘Suicide Squad’

It’s common knowledge that Hollywood actors, especially the truly successful ones, are all crackpots to some degree, ranging from the lovable Shailene Woodley to the outright criminal. However, no one currently working in Hollywood is so determined to let the world know just how utterly strange and, therefore, unbearable it is to work with them. Morbius starring Jared Leto.

This week, another of the 50-year-old actor’s infamous stories went viral following a new interview with Marvel movie director Daniel Espinosa. And while the behind-the-scenes details didn’t come straight from Leto’s mouth, we can only assume he would have revealed it eventually, given his history of giddy sharing these stories with the press. In the Uproxx article, the director confirmed that Leto first walked on crutches to use the bathroom on set to better embody the role of Michael Morbius, who suffers from chronic pain, and when it took too long, was wheeled to the bathroom in a wheelchair, after writer Mike Ryan inquired about the rumour.

Yes, you read that factoid correctly. An overworked, underpaid junior worker (possibly several) has been given the task of pushing a limping multi-millionaire to urinate. And we don’t even know if Leto was helped beyond being carried to the bathroom, but one can only imagine the length of this piece.

Espinosa defended Leto’s choice to act like a disabled person off-camera, saying, “I think what Jared thinks, what Jared believes is that somehow the pain of these movements, even when he was playing normal Michael Morbius, he needed, because he had this pain all his life. Even if he is alive and strong, it must make a difference. Hey, man, it’s people’s processes.

It’s definitely Leto’s to treat. Over the past two decades he’s been a top performer, the 30 Seconds To Mars singer has become widely known as one of Hollywood’s top nightmares, perhaps rivaling Dustin Hoffman. The star has been resolutely open to the press about his dangerous, self-punitive and totally offensive prep tactics. For example, while promoting Darren Aronofsky Requiem for a dream (2000), in which Leto plays a drug addict, the actor shared that he abstained from sex for two months, lived on the streets with real heroin addicts and damaged his liver after losing 25 pounds for the role .

It’s primarily Leto’s obsession with gaining and losing weight as a form of commitment to his characters that has been most irritating to watch — and rewarded — throughout his career. He notably gained nearly 70 pounds to play John Lennon’s killer Mark David Chapman in the 2007 biopic. Chapter 27, which drew attention to minimal rewards and hardly exists in the pop culture lexicon beyond this factoid. During the film’s press tour, he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and casually admitted that he had lost weight by giving up solid food for 10 days.

Several years later, he underwent another drastic physical transformation for the Oscar-winning film in 2013 Dallas Buyers Club, in which he played a transgender woman living with HIV named Rayon. Leto’s portrayal of this particular character as a cisgender man, as well as the specific choices he makes, have sparked legitimate outrage in the trans community. However, the Academy – and virtually all film associations – were more impressed that the actor was bold enough to lose 30 pounds, wear eyeshadow and tweeze his eyebrows, which won him the Oscar. for Best Supporting Actor.

During Leto’s brief turn as the Joker in criticism suicide squad, audiences learned of perhaps the most egregious preparation he made for a role, mailing his castmates disturbing and extremely unhygienic gifts, in addition to remaining in character throughout the filming. Margot Robbie, who played her love interest Harley Quinn, received a live rat, while Viola Davis revealed she received a dead pig. (Leto has since denied giving Robbie a rat, although Davis and Robbie have confirmed he did). According to Leto, Will Smith received used bullets, condoms and anal beads. For anyone with a regular job, this behavior would trigger the quickest call to human resources — and probably the cops — an employee could ever make. Of course, in the borderless film industry, Leto was “just building momentum.”

“For anyone with a regular job, this behavior would trigger the quickest call to human resources — and probably the cops — an employee could ever make. Of course, in the borderless film industry, Leto was “just building momentum.””

The problem with method actors like Leto, Christian Bale, and Joaquin Phoenix, among others, is that they don’t understand how uncool they sound when they reveal they clogged their arteries by eating five pounds. from Häagen Dazs a day, have given their co-stars the silent treatment or the employees on set are doing unnecessary and time-consuming work for them. There’s nothing admirable about risking your health or putting your co-workers through hell for the sake of a movie no one will reference in three years. In the specific case of weight gain for movies, it’s ridiculous that some directors would rather entice someone to risk a heart attack than hire a real fat guy to play a fat character.

In light of this trend, it’s been refreshing to hear capable young actors like Robert Pattinson, whose entire public persona is just a parody of a method actor, scoff at this approach. “I always say about people playing the method, you never see people doing the method when they’re playing assholes,” he said in a Variety’s Interview of Actors on Actors in 2019. It goes without saying that we also hear these stories widely told proudly by men.

Leto’s recent press for Ridley Scott’s Gucci House, in which he plays Paolo Gucci in a big suit and make-up, gave some hope that the actor might finally be in on the joke of playing an all-consuming role as his alleged ghostly co-star Lady appeared to be. Gaga.

” I did everything. I was sniffing lines of arrabbiata sauce in the middle of this movie. I had olive oil for blood. It was a deep dive I did,” Leto said in an interview for identifier. “If you took a biopsy of my skin, it would come back as parmesan! This is my love letter to Italy.

While many publications seemed to take that literal phrase, this quote reads like an actor aware of the country side and stereotypical Italianness his role demanded, and willing to play that nonsense for the press. But given what we now know about the making of Morbius, her bizarre on-set rituals seem far from over. He may well have sniffed real pasta sauce between takes.

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