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After investing around $214m last week in CEPI’s pandemic preparedness plan, the UK is pivoting – and using $345m to boost research and manufacturing capacity in the country.

The UK government announced the investment earlier this week, investing up to $265 million in health research – led by the NHS – in diagnostics and treatments through new clinical research platforms and services that put emphasis on confidentiality. This would allow research to better access NHS data, the UK has said earlier this week, making data safer and more quickly available for research.

It’s part of funding the UK government earmarked earlier last year in its ‘Life Sciences Vision’, pledging more than $1 billion to grow the country’s life sciences industry around seven key priorities – including dementia, early diagnosis and treatment, vaccines, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, aging and mental health.

Another $80 million will be used to expand life science manufacturing in the country — focusing on everything from cell and gene therapies to diagnostics and medical devices. Manufacturing investments will be allocated to a new manufacturing fund: Life Sciences Innovative Manufacturing Fund (LSIMF).

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“NHS data makes the whole world safer and healthier and has been essential in saving thousands of lives during the COVID-19 pandemic,” UK Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said in a statement. a statement. “This funding will allow the UK to continue to help researchers securely access NHS data so patients can benefit from innovative treatments faster.”

On the other side of the Atlantic, the United States is considering a similar path. Acting OMB Director Shalanda Young asked congressional leaders in a letter for $18.25 billion for the US response to Covid-19, including $1.5 billion in funding to prepare future variants with a new “next-generation vaccine,” $2 billion for testing, and 12 $.2 billion for the procurement and distribution of Covid-19 antivirals, vaccines and monoclonal antibodies.

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