Penn Professor Named Member of Association for Computing Machinery for Computing Research

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Professor Penn and 2021 ACM Scholar Zachary Ives.

A Penn professor was recently named Fellow 2021 by the Association for Computing Machinery.

Professor Emeritus of Computing and Information Science to President Adani Zacharias Ives was honored as one of 71 ACM Fellows.

ACM Fellows are chosen for their exemplary work in the field of computer and information science. Nominees must have been professional members of the global organization for at least 5 of the past 10 years and must be in the top 1% of members for “outstanding achievement in computing and information technology and/or exceptional service to ACM and the greatest”. computer community,” according to his website.

ACM is dedicated to advancing computing, and its current mission goals focus on areas such as sustainable digital archives and improving public policy for computing.

Former Penn professor Roch Guerin was also named an ACM Fellow in 2007 for his contributions to data network resource management.

Ives’ research focuses on areas such as data integration and sharing, particularly in building data science platforms – and he also participates in the Warren Center for Network and Data Science and the Center for Health, Devices, and Technology from Penn.

“Along with my students and collaborators, I work on technologies (algorithms and systems) that help data scientists stitch together disparate data from different places into a cohesive picture so they can make discoveries,” Ives said. .

Specific examples of these technologies, he added, include integrating data from wearable sensors and neuroscience data to build better models of epilepsy. Ives has also helped develop tools that facilitate flexible sharing of data in various scientific fields.

“Today everyone is using machine learning techniques to build models of the world,” he said. “We are trying to build new techniques to manage and update these built models.”

Ives added that the ACM Fellows program is an honor he is proud to hold.

“I find this particularly meaningful as it is an acknowledgment of the impact of many wonderful collaborations I have had – with current and former colleagues and students,” Ives said.

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