Enter Mapimi’s Zone of Silence: Where Science Fiction Meets Reality

Welcome to the Mapimi zone of silence: you are alone

Once upon a time in 1970, a military training rocket accidentally derailed and invaded Mexican airspace. Landing somehow hundreds of miles off course, the rocket buried itself in the desert region of Durango, Mexico. Because of this, it triggered a huge government search mission to an area called the Mapimi Zone which turned out to have little or no ability to connect to the outside world.

What most people didn’t know was that the rocket actually contained two small containers of Cobalt 57, a radioactive element. Secret specialists arrived to find the rocket and secure its contents, which took about three weeks.

Once they found the wreckage, the government made a road to transport the remains, plus a small amount of contaminated soil. This activity alone created a buzz with locals about what was going on.

However, this was not the first recorded incident of something strange happening in the Zone of Silence.

Mexico’s “Bermuda Triangle”

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The first recorded report of strange occurrences in the Mapimi area was made by a pilot in the 1930s. As he flew over the area, he noticed that his radio suddenly stopped working. Since then, many visitors to the area – including official sources – say that gadgets tend not to work there anymore.

Yes, it’s true. Supposedly, the Zone of Silence is more than just a dramatic name. Communication is regularly interrupted and much of the technology breaks down once you cross a certain area on this earth.

Similar reports abound with the Bermuda Triangle. What is fascinating is that the Zone of Silence and the Bermuda Triangle both exist between parallels 26 and 28. Is this a coincidence, or is there something strange with these coordinates that no one has been able to determine?

An Abundance of Meteorites Links Mapimi to the Stars

mapimi area
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Throughout the 20th century, the region had a lot of meteorite activity. In fact, large meteorites have landed in southern Chihuahua, right next to the Zone. Two fell on the same ranch; one in 1938 and another in 1954.

Meteors don’t come and go either. They tend to make a lot of noise, like a third meteorite that fell in 1969. Just west of the Allende Valley, this massive event emitted a large firmament light, which people saw for miles . Also, the noise was so loud and disturbing that it broke the windows.

Because of this and other strange occurrences, scientists from all over the world began to take an interest in the area.

…and some also believe in other forms of life

mapimi silence zone
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When it comes to places like this, there will always be conspiracy theorists. However, in this case, the theories are very specifically related to extraterrestrial activity. People who visited (especially people who got lost) reported seeing large, blond, human-looking creatures. All they ask for is water, and when asked where they are from, they say “above”. However, once they have an interaction, they vanish into thin air without even leaving a footprint.

Locals call people who flock to the area to find aliens “silencios” and “zoneros.” One story tells of a car full of conspiracy theorists stopping a local on the road and asking him where to find the Quiet Zone.

He responded by telling them to drive ahead and look for where the Martians are jumping from one side of the road to the other. They thanked him (without laughing) and continued on their way.

Visit the Mapimi Zone of Silence

mapimi silence zone
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The best time to visit the mapimi area is between November and May. It’s dry season in the region, and you’re sure to get that ‘desert experience’. Many people try to visit to research aliens and paranormal experiences.

In fact, so many people are interested in the area that different tourism opportunities have presented themselves throughout the year. People saw how rumors of the area attracted curious people, and they tried to maximize the opportunities.

Things to do

mapimi silence zone
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The area is truly remote, but one of the most popular things to do is to hire a guide and take a tour of the area. Some locals have been there for years and have incredible stories to tell.

For example, a man who runs a local ranch said he saw a light appear overhead when he was 12 years old. He and his brother had been exploring, and when they returned to their ranch, they realized they had lost two hours.

In addition to exploring areas where your cel reception will be jammed, you can also discover an abandoned hacienda that was abandoned during the Mexican Revolution.

It is an Ecologically Rich Area

mapimi silence zone
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To add to the lore surrounding the Zona de Silencia, there are a whole bunch of weird animals and plants in the area.

Stories of flora and fauna mutations include a beautiful purple cactus that wouldn’t exist anywhere else and a rare version of the desert tortoise. Little known fact: This Gopherus tortoise is the largest land reptile in North America and is also endangered.

In addition to unique plants and animals, there are also hot springs tucked away in a cave.

So really, on top of all the alien rumors and tech jamming in the Bermuda Triangle in Mexico, there’s also some really cool stuff going on.

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