Dune, science fiction in the sand by Denis Villeneuve

Name: dunes

Director: Dennis Villeneuve.

Scenario: Jon Spaihts, Denis Villeneuve and Eric Roth.

Performers: Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa, Stellan Skarsgard, Zendaya, Javier Bardem.

producer: Legendary Images; Villeneuve Films; Pictures from Warner Bros.

The regents of House Atreides live comfortably in their impregnable Caladan. Faced with his growing power, Baron Harkonnen and Emperor Shaddam IV devise a plan: give him the planet Arrakis, rich in the production of mixed spices, to get him out of his stronghold and be able to annihilate his regent, Duke Leto.

From his marriage to Jessica, heir Paul was born with powers inherited from his mother. Premonitory visions of him will torment him, but they will lead him down the path to save the city from him.

dunes It is a film that is in line with the previous works of this director: blade runner 2049 (2017). Here we offer you another remake 80s sci-fi classics. dunes (David Lynch1984) is based on the homonymous novel by Frank Herbert to which he made later additions. Perhaps too dense to condense into a film.

This is, for me, the main stumbling block of this updated version. I was very bored at the beginning, fruit of the excessive oral storytelling where you get to a point where you don’t remember names or the timeline of history. Along the way, you connect the ends, but I know not all of them are, and the protagonist’s excess daydreaming takes you out of the plot and confuses more than it helps. By the time you manage to get into everything that’s going on, half of the movie has already passed. There, start having fun.

Another thing is the visual beauty. Impressive. The sets, city designs, costumes, lighting and framing, decorative elements implemented as part of the plot, and even the visual effects, are impeccably crafted. It shows that they put a lot of effort into it and it is appreciated.

is my heavy favorite to sweep the technical Oscars. This film has a lot of chaos in the narrative structure. It ranges from action to reflective moments in such a way that they achieve an effect of not quite knowing what you are seeing. Because what is clear is that Denis Villeneuve he’s an expert at those slow plots that put you inside the characters.

I really loved your movie The arrival (2016), a film that introduces you to the emotions of the characters from long shots and close-ups. Here I think there is an abuse of them, especially in those of Zendaya (too much for the weight she has in the plot and that gives me a hint that she will have more of a role in the second part, which is already cooking). It’s that, while the film also ends with an open ending, it leaves you much more stuck with the disgust of having wasted time.

Among the actors, no nominees. Justified. These close-ups, without dramatic charge, are one of the great causes of the boredom of part of the work. expressionless Timothée Chalamet and oscar isaacand too dramatic, sometimes, rebecca fergusson. Of course, I would emphasize the role of the secondary and the unrecognizable Stellan Skarsgard in the role of Baron Harkonnen (who we have already seen playing Bill “the Boots” in the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean or just Bill in the Mom Mia), for Javier Bardem in that of the chief of a Fremen tribe and the chameleon Josh Brolin who had previously worked with Villeneuve to Hitman (2015).

ten candidates. In the script section, I don’t have a hunch that I’m going to win it because of how chaotic it looks to me. We will say that Eric Rothof his eight screenplay nominations, he only won for Forrest Gump (Robert Zemeckis, 1994). Among the nominated technicians, there are many Oscar nominations. Above all, I want to highlight the photograph of Greig Fraser that he was already at the limit of the statuette for a film that I liked “Lion” (Garth Davis, 2016) and that this time it may be so. Oh, and for chitchat, I’ll say I also join the protests of Josh Brolin for not being named director David Villeneuve at the Oscars.

10 applications

Best film
Best Production Design (Patrice Vermette and Zsuzsanna Sipos)
Best Adapted Screenplay (Jon Spaihts, Denis Villeneuve and Eric Roth)
Best Cinematography (Greig Fraser)
Best Sound (Mac Ruth, Mark A. Mangini, Theo Green, Doug Hemphill and Ron Bartlett)
Best Soundtrack (Hans Zimmer)
Best Visual Effects (Paul Lambert, Tristan Myles, Brian Connor and Gerd Nefzer)
Best Editing (Joe Walker)
Best Costume Design (Jacqueline West and Bob Morgan)
Best Makeup and Hairstyle (Donald Mowat, Love Larson and Eva Von Bahr)

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