Dr Fauci reveals why people don’t like Dr Fauci, science, facts

Dr Anthony Fauci has revealed a number of things over the past year – when you can spend time with your family, what’s next in the COVID-19 outbreak, and how to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, Fauci revealed why people don’t like it.

Fauci recently stated “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace that he’s a polarizing figure because he supports “science, data, and hard facts” rather than conspiracy theories.

  • “I have always advocated that science, data and evidence are what we guide ourselves by” said Fauci. “And I think people who feel differently, who have conspiracy theories, who deny reality, who look them straight in the eye.”

Fauci said his support for the facts can be “awkward” for those who enjoy conspiracy theories.

  • “These are people who don’t particularly care about me, and that’s understandable because what I do, and I try very hard, is to be guided by the truth,” he said. declared. “And sometimes the truth becomes embarrassing for some people, so they react against me.”

Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, recently said the coronavirus pandemic was improving, as I wrote for the Deseret News. But he remains cautious about what might happen if we don’t increase vaccination.

  • “If we don’t do very well in this regard, there is always the danger that there will be enough virus circulating that you can have a blockage of the decrease in the number of cases and when that happens, as we do. have seen it in the past with other waves that we have crossed, there is a danger of resurgence ”, said Fauci.

Earlier in October, Fauci said Bloomberg there could be a new variant of the coronavirus if the virus continues to circulate.

  • “As long as you have a virus circulating freely in the environment of society, jumping from person to person, this virus, by the fact that it replicates itself continuously, gives itself ample opportunity to mutate”, Fauci said. “And when you give it ample opportunity to mutate, sooner or later you will get a build-up of mutations that will lead to another variant.” This is the reason why we say, the best way to prevent the future emergence of variants that could be problematic. The best way to do this is not to give the virus a chance to spread freely. “
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