Beijing 2022 feels like sci-fi as robots clean up and serve cocktails behind the scenes

Many futuristic gadgets are on display to make life easier for athletes in the Olympic Village and to help with Covid protocols

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Fireworks mark the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Judging by some of the gadgets used, anyone entering the Olympic Village could be forgiven for thinking they’ve ventured into a sci-fi movie.

At the Winter Olympics, many employees work to meet the needs of the competitors, but they also benefit from the help of their robot friends.

In Beijing, machines are being used to cook, deliver food, make cocktails, clean floors, check people’s temperatures and remind them to wear a mask.

China wanted to use the Games as an opportunity to show off in front of the world, and it seems some of their technology used has gotten people talking.

This media center robot whips up cocktails in no time


AFP via Getty Images)

In the media library, food is prepared by an army of robots, including one that appears to be frying fries and another that concocts cocktails without tipping the bartender.

Another machine can be seen manning a coffee stand, making hot drinks, and even cleaning up after itself once it’s done.

However, navigation isn’t always smooth, as BBC Sport journalist Anna Thompson discovered when she encountered a robot that looked a bit lost in a lift.

One of the Olympic Village’s most notable “workers” is a UFO-style machine that flies through the air to deliver food to athletes.

The operation was shown in footage shared by German outlet Bild, as the UFO can be seen moving through a network of glass tunnels built into the roof of the food hall.

The process minimizes the athletes’ contact with other people, which means they are less likely to meet someone who has Covid.

People also don’t need to approach the robots themselves to order – all they have to do to choose what they want to eat or drink is scan a QR code.

Have you ever been served by a robot barista? One day in the future you could be


Getty Images)

Transparent panels are also in place between the tables, while another army of robots sprays disinfectant on the surfaces where people are seated.

Another place to disinfect are the “sleep cabins” scattered around the village, which give athletes the opportunity to take a short nap without returning to their rooms.

Not only do these innovations help prevent the spread of the virus within the Olympic Village, but they also give China a chance to show off its technological advancements.

Maybe one day in the future, all restaurants will feature UFOs that will deliver food to bettors.

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