An innovative startup is developing a unique method to eliminate plastics from our oceans

Our Cleaner Planet, a nonprofit startup with an innovative technique for removing plastics from our oceans, today announced that it has successfully completed prototype testing of its first plastic harvester and is now ready to go. moving forward with larger unit tests. The program is expected to launch the first of its full-size plastic harvesters into ocean operation in 2025.

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Pat Marshall, the founder of Our Cleaner Planet, says he and the development team are very encouraged by the test results of the prototype. “The test parameters of our 1: 164 scale prototype were set to assess speed and control as well as the first step in the filtration process,” he said. “We have surpassed all levels and are delighted to move to our scaled up test model.” Next up is a 1:12 scale unit that the team plans to start testing in early 2022.

Marshall, an accomplished aerospace engineer and senior executive with many years of aerospace research and development experience, created Our Cleaner Planet with a mission to harvest plastics from our oceans by developing innovative and sustainable methods that leverage proven engineering to create a cleaner, healthier environment. planet. Our Cleaner Planet has a patent pending design that not only focuses on larger macroplastics, but also much smaller micro and nano plastics. This is an important distinction because many current clean-up efforts focus only on the larger pieces of plastic, leaving the smaller pieces to continue to damage the ocean ecosystem and our global environment.

“The problem has grown to be much bigger than the sheer mass of plastic that is currently in our oceans. Plastic does not biodegrade. Instead, it breaks down into smaller pieces. These little pieces continue to get smaller and more toxic, creating a domino effect of damage extending from the fragile ecosystems of our oceans to our global environment and up the food chain to human ingestion, ”he said. revealed Marshall. “Removing plastics from the oceans is only part of the solution to this problem, but it is the first important step that Our Cleaner Planet will take.”

In its efforts to tackle this vast plastic problem, Our Cleaner Planet’s system will include a large ship that uses a process of harvesting plastic debris carried by the ocean. The process will not only remove macro and microplastics, but it will also introduce a unique method of removing nanoplastics down to 5 microns. The system will extend from surface level to a depth of 60 feet, allowing Our Cleaner Planet to more effectively remove plastics at much smaller and much deeper levels from the ocean. The company plans to develop a fleet of ships with each vessel capable of removing up to 1,000 tonnes of plastic from the oceans each year.

Marshall explained that Our Cleaner Planet is aiming for a net-zero harvesting system. “The plastics collected will then be transformed into fuel on board and each ship will be equipped with CO2 purifiers. Ash will be the only by-product of the process and the excess ash will be used more in other industries, finally completing the life cycle of the harvested plastic, ”he said.

Our Cleaner Planet was founded as a nonprofit in 2018, but Marshall has been working on the problem and its patent pending solution for over eight years. He brought together a team of professionals with decades of experience in piloting complex projects ranging from research and development to commercialization. Marshall says this gives them an added advantage in development and implementation.

“Instead of rushing to the ocean with an unproven design, wasting time and crucial investment capital, my team and I insisted on proving our concept and testing the design before releasing it to the public,” he said. he declared. Marshall and his team are currently seeking additional funding and support, and plan to launch Our Cleaner Planet’s first full-size ship in early 2025.

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