10 Science Facts That Will Ruin Your Favorite Sci-Fi Movies

There is nothing quite like the sinking feeling that viewers get when a beloved sci-fi piece fumbles around a technical detail and ends up embarrassingly distorting scientific reality.

What is that? There is fiction in the name, and just because it’s about science doesn’t he has to shoot with infallible precision all the time?

Maybe, but even the most intentionally silly sci-fi movies need to create tension and get viewers to invest in their characters, which means they need at least a minimum of credibility to make it happen. history has issues.

After all, viewers may not know how the xenomorph developed acidic blood, but given how remote and inhospitable their home planet is, it’s conceivable that even their body makeup is lethal to humans. Likewise, a recent WhatCulture list of wasted twists noted that while M Night Shyamalan’s The Happening offered an in-depth explanation of its killer plants, it is perhaps fondly remembered as more than a laughing stock. These days.

With that in mind, this list is here to uncover the most egregious science missteps, miscalculations, and outright fabrications that have the power to turn compelling sci-fi classics into unintentional comedies.

Okay, get ready to see more Roland Emmerich repeat offenders.

Keep in mind, this is the man who connected an Apple laptop to the operating system of an alien space fleet on Independence Day, when half the time iPhones don’t not even connect to each other.

The cheesy 2004 disaster epic The Day After Tomorrow deserves kudos for being one of the first major blockbusters to take climate change seriously (sorry, Waterworld, but no one could take you seriously), as well as ‘describing a human destroyed by New York after 9/11. pride rather than risky metaphors for terrorists.

However, as the world is now discovering since the release of this film in 2004, global climate change does not happen overnight (or even over the course of three whole days). According to climatologists, the film’s apocalyptic vision of a sudden global catastrophe would actually occur over many years.

Say, at a rate that most of the Western world could comfortably ignore or outright deny until it is too late to correct …

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