10 false scientific facts that everyone knows

We’ve heard it from moms, dads, teachers, doctors and – perhaps most telling – the dairy industry.

Want to be strong and tall and have the strongest bones in the neighborhood? Drink your Milk.

As a 5 foot (1.5 meter) tall weakling who was forced to drink milk every day of her teenage years, it seems to me that this scientific “fact” is either A) not foolproof or B) a indication that without the help of calcium, I may have reached a peak of 1.3 meters (4 feet 2 inches) with broken fingers from moderately strenuous piano practice.

Let’s ignore the anecdotes and stick with an evidence-based study. Some scientists and nutritionists have argued that the US dairy guidelines are overwhelming: three cups (0.7 liters) of milk or equivalent dairy products (like yogurt or cheese) per day for anyone over 8 years [source: Kelly]. Both Harvard and Cornell researchers noted that increased milk intake did not correlate with higher bone strength. However, be aware that many conflicting studies indicate that calcium increases bone health. [source: Kelly].

Some researchers even argue that Americans, with their high-dairy diet, actually fall victim to weaker bone structure due to blood and tissue drawing calcium from bones to counter the high acidity of animal proteins. dairy products. Important to note? No one claims that drinking milk will make you bigger.

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